Once Upon a Time...

              ...there was a boy, Skip, and he wanted to go fast like all the big kids did on their skateboards.  But Skip's parents just though it was too dangerous and they were afraid their son would get hurt if they got him a board of his own.  

           Skip was sad.  He walked around with his head down all the time... this made his parents sad too.  So they searched high, and they searched low, but there was nothing they could find that would allow Skip to ride fast, but also be safe! Until one day...

                                 ... HAVE NO FEAR, PURPOSEBOARDS IS HERE!

          Skip's parents sought out the help of the custom board builder, PurposeBoards, where they craft custom boards with purpose.  Building a safe board designed for a young child seemed like a great purpose!  So they got to work, designing and building and creating, until... they did it! 

They created a board that was Wider, Shorter, Lower, and Safer than any other quality longboard that was ever built before.  

                                              THE PEANUT BOARD WAS BORN!

          Skip saw his new Peanut Board and rejoiced - his sadness had left him.  He found a board with purpose, and he loved the board so much he took it everywhere he went.  He rode real fast, he rode real safe, and he and his parents were all so very happy!

And so begins...

 ...Skip's journey to discover his own PURPOSE!